As I get this started, consider this something of a tutorial on how Gaterunner is run and played. And in that spirit, a few of the base concepts. First, Gaterunner isn’t a hit-point based hero-system type of game. Every NPC has basically the same capabilities as any other member of its race, respective of species. So our two Terran Humans here have the same physical characteristics of any other adult human. They’re in a cold environment, and if we call it -10 Celcius, that gives them an AtmR (atmospheric rating) of -10. Without protection, this would give them a -3 to non-combat task rolls, a -2 to combat task rolls, and 1 point of damage per negative degree (10 points) every five game minutes. Fortunately, arctic clothing can easily add AtmR bonuses up above 20, into a human’s comfort zone. Onward!